The TEF Bangalore was indeed a great success story of a synergic intitiative between the GCF Foundation and the ACTS Groups of Institutions. It has seeken to integrate the global concern of sustainability through educational initiatives at all levels.  The theme was: “Transformative Education for Sustainable Development.”  India happens to have the largest population of illiterate people as compared to any other nation in the world.  Keeping India’s challenging educational scenario in mind, the Transformative Education Forum has been organized by the Global Challenges Forum and was hosted by the ACTS group of institutions in Bangalore, India. TEF Bangalore has explored various issues related to Sustainability such as Community Education, Environment, Poverty, Health, Family with an emphasis on Women/Children, and other related issues in the wider context of Education. In particular, educators who are currently addressing education at the local or global level through the implementation of innovative and effective education programs were featured as speakers or panelists in the TEF Program.


For more information on the outcomes of the event please contact GCF Council of Advisor member Dr. Ken Gnanakan at