The Global Challenges Forum Foundation (GCFF), which may be referred to as simply GCF (Global Challenges Forum) or GCFF, is an organization of think tanks, research centers, and academic institutions with the goal of contributing to the much-needed resolution of existing and future global security challenges.  Consisting of a dynamic online community sharing solutions through collaborative networks, a series of issues specific sub-forums that occur throughout the globe, and an annual summit organized as a “forum of forums,” the GCF builds on a diverse membership and worldwide network of partners to propose solutions to global challenges.

Recognizing the complexity, imminent risks, and potential impacts of the 21st century problems and the need to develop more integrated, holistic, and bottom-up approaches, representatives from strategy centers, academia, civil society, intergovernmental organizations, and business are brought together through the Global Challenges Forum in the spirit of global partnership and a cosmopolitan ethos.

Per the agreement of members at the 2010 summit, the organization is  domiciled in Geneva as a not-for-profit international foundation  registered in Switzerland.  Its establishment  is guided  by a Board, Advisory Council, and a Secretariat, committed to transparency and accountability in their decision-making processes.

Dr. Walter L. Christman, President of Global Strategic Analysis, LLC, serves as the Chair of the Global Challenges Forum Foundation.