GCF Events

The driving  force behind the Global Challenges Forum is the contribution of its member base.  To that end, the the Administrative Secretariat will interface with institutional members in helping them to develop and implement Multi-Stakeholder Forums (MSFs) as ad hoc forums established by the members on different focus  issues.  MSFs can draw upon the resources and institutional strengths of the members and be determined by their ambition and initiative.  Membership organizations should take the lead to organize and fund, either directly or through in-kind contributions, the collaborating MSFs. The findings that will result from such MSFs will be assembled into structured reports at the GCF Global Partnership Research Centers (GPRCs), which are GCF liaison offices responsible for processing the results of the MSFs and for building partnerships for the Foundation.

Each year, all GCF members will gather for a general assembly meeting for the  “Global Partnership Summit” meeting as the ‘Forum of Forums’. They will share best practices and lessons learned from individual MSFs and assembled by the GPRCs, network with new potential partners, and create recommendations that can be used to inform policy-making.    The results of the previous year’s MSFs and the Summit will be collected for publication and distribution.  Select non-member organizations and individuals will be invited to participate in the Summit as non-voting stakeholders, with the potential for future membership.   The general assembly will have the ability to craft official GCF policy-recommendations and programs based on the outcomes of discussions on a wide range of issues.

These combined efforts – establishing a legal entity for universities and research centers to host MSFs and come together in an annual Summit, and a parallel open-source think-tank – open up a unique space for the GCF in the litany of organizations currently in existence.  These inter-related components will provide strategic insight to help a wide-range of stakeholders manage global challenges throughout the coming century.  In these efforts, the GCF will be informed by a cosmopolitan ethos and an enduring commitment to fostering global partnerships.  Harnessing the innovative power of networks and creating new linkages where none have previously existed, the GCF will be an institutional pioneer that provides an example for a modernized global governance system, rooted in multi-stakeholder partnerships, in the increasingly connected global foresight commons.

If you are interested in hosting a GCF sponsored event, please contact AdminSec@globalchallengesforum.org