The Global Challenges Forum established a partnership with Global Hope Network International and joinedforces in the implementation of The Geneva Institute for Leadership and Public Policy (GILPP) for its major event of 2013.

GILPP is one of the active Forums within the GCF “Forum of Forums” concept.  It was established by GHNI to help leaders transform their nations toward prosperity and liberty.  The vision for the GILPP is to promote public policy created by enlightened and compassionate public leadership in support of sustainable development.   The principal international initiative of this institute is to offer an intensive week- long summer workshop in Geneva, Switzerland on critical contemporary global and national issues.

GILPP uses an integrated curriculum which elicits sustainable development in chaotic times targeting global challenges and solutions in four strategic areas:

  • Leadership—leading by influence
  • Economics—globalization and leadership
  • Public Policy—good governance
  •  Culture—Worldview and Models of culture
  • Raising Their Effectiveness: Instruction That Fosters Change

In a non-confrontational style, GILPP creates a thought-provoking environment for leaders from emerging nations to discuss and explore:

  • Public policy implementation for sustainable development among the poor
  • Regional and global overview of economic development
  • Public policy and model legislation resources
  • Transformational Leadership for the policy maker
  • Networking with key international organizations and people

Through discussion, debate, and guest lectures, GILPP provides proven examples of local public policy solutions to global challenges along with legislation that is already producing results.

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