On July 9 2012, the Global Challenges Forum was legally registered as a Swiss Foundation under the Canton of Geneva, Switzerland. On this same day, the activities of the Foundation commenced with its First Board meeting and the first day of the China Series Forum, both of which were held in New York City at the SUNY Global Center facility, being hosted by Dr. Mitch Leventhal, SUNY’s Vice Chancellor for Global Affairs.

Many exciting developments indeed took place in New York on this day. Dr. Leventhal, was invited as Vice Chair of the Board. In addition, Dr. Leonard Ferrari was designated by GCF Founders Dr. Talal Abu-Ghazaleh, who chaired the meeting, and Dr. Walter Christman, as “Honorary Founder” of the institution.

Important steps were also taken for the strategic front of the Foundation. Established as the “Global Network for Strategic Research and Action” the GCF Foundation will create together with its partnering institutions Global Partnership Research Centers (GPRCs) in order to create and promote joint research platforms among international partners. The current liaison offices in Geneva Switzerland, San Luis Obispo CA, and Bangalore India, will become the Foundation’s first GPRCs. The Foundation also plans to establish another two GPRCs still in 2012, one in New York NY and another one in Beijing China.

The Foundation is also in the process of establishing the Association for Strategic Research and Action (ASRAGENEVA) under its own auspices in order to create the means necessary for the Foundation to achieve its mission through a membership-based approach.

We, the GCF family, are indeed excited to announce such developments. Our committed and motived team will keep working hard to ensure the continuous progress and success of the Foundation.